We simplify being a great employer

Infotjenester Group offers companies expertise and solutions for managing and developing the workforce through decision support, HR systems and training.



The name, Infotjenester, has over 35 years of history and will not disappear overnight, but our new name, Simployer, commits. We will make it easy for you. Therefore, you can still log on to Infotjenester.no for a while longer. Username and password are unchanged. So are the services we provide to you.

Simployer offer unique expertise in the field that is becoming increasingly important for all types of businesses. With us you are always updated with information on current laws, rules and regulations related to staff, payroll and accounting. And we provide unique HRM solutions for developing the company's most important resource, the people. We are uniting these disciplines and are becoming an even more important provider of expertise that is of critical importance for you.


  • Approximately 250 employees
  • Established in 1985
  • Main office: Sarpsborg, with departments in Kristiansund, Göteborg, Stockholm and Gdansk
  • The General Manager is Thorfinn Hansen
  • Turnover in 2018: NOK 390 million